Aramaic Cultural & Music Festival in Tannourine

Under the Stars, Surrounded by the Majestic nature in the land of the Cedars

You will be 2000 Meters over the sea, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Embraced by the Green hills of one of Our Genuine Villages

Location: Aramaic Tannourine village, Mount Lebanon Range. Date: 1-4 of August

Entrance Fees
The Committee for the AraMusic festival have decided to take all fees off and allow all visitors a free entrance. This is to encourage people to come to Lebanon and visit our festival, also to encourage the Lebanese to come to Tannourine and get to know their great heritage music and traditions.


Fifteen dollars renting one tent and night

Ten dollars renting a space with own tent

Thirty dollars with a family in a village, including breakfast and lunch

Twenty dollars in the Monastery of Houb, 5 minutes from the festival arena


Fifty dollars Airport-Tannourine festival area

Thirty dollars Tannourine-Lebanese Coast and Cities

Ready to purchase tickets?
Contact Roni Doumit at
Mobil: 0046 733 695127

Summer of 2008 will be the summer to remember

1st of August

The Aramaic Language is Alive

14-16: Josef Asmar-Seminar about the Aramaic Music in the language
16-17: Elie Gabriel (Aramaic Lebanese singer)
17-19: Seminar about the present and future of the Aramaic language
19-20: Children talent Rim Bitar
20-21: Amal Komo (Aramaic Syrian singer)
21-23: Sargon sharro (Aramaic Syrian singer)
24-morning: Massoud Elia (Aramaic Dutch singer)

2nd of August

The Aramaic heroes of Iraq

14-15: Video with and about the Christian victims of Iraq
15-16: Seminar about the Aramaic Christians of Iraq and how we can help
16-17: Doors to Aspiration (Lebanese rock band)
17-19: Aramaic Theatres group from Kameshlo
19-20: Children talent Jenny Khalil
20-21: Dilmon Chamoun (Aramaic Syrian singer)
21-23: Gabi Conda (Aramaic Swedish Hip Hop artist)
23-24 Sina Marawge (Aramaic Syrian pop singer)
24-morning Sargon Daoud

3rd of August


14-16: Syriac Maronite Mass in the open air by Aboun George Kemel
The Mass will be completly in Aramaic language and assisted by the Qadissha choir
16-19: Seminars about Seyfo with pictures and video
20-Morning: Aramaic Tannourinian night

A spectacle night full of talented pop singers from Tannourine along with the traditional Dabke dancing group and the Zajal team

4th of August

The Aramaic Roots of Lebanon and the Future

14-16: Seminar about the roots of Lebanon and the cultural developement until today
17-18: Aramaic comic theatre
18-20: Givara Chamoun (Aramaic Syrian singer)
21-23 Edward Elias (Aramaic Syrian singer)
24-morning: Milad Abdal (Aramaic singer singing also in Maaloula dialect)

Our last Aramaic night will never end and while we see the moon meet the sun in the morning we can only share this joy with all our friends for coming to the festival from all corners of the world. we give you our promise to be back next year with even a bigger AraMusic Festival.